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The Rare French Bulldog Colors (with Pictures)

The Rare French Bulldog Colors (with Pictures)

Did you know that some rare French Bulldog colors are uncommon?

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are adorable, loyal and full of personality.

Let’s look at some of these unique French Bulldog colors.

What Are the Rare French Bulldog Colors?

The standard colors for French bulldogs are brindle, fawn, white, cream, and any combination of these. However, some other colors still need to be recognized by the AKC but are still possible to find.

Let’s look at them:

Blue French Bulldogs

They are a dilute version of black, which gives the coat a bluish-grey hue. They often have blue eyes and noses as well. This color is caused by a recessive gene, meaning both parents must carry it for their puppies to inherit it.

Chocolate French Bulldogs


It is another dilute version of black, which gives the coat a brownish-red color. Chocolate French bulldogs also have brown eyes and noses. A recessive gene also causes this color and can be combined with other colors, such as tan or cream.

Lilac French Bulldogs

rare French Bulldog colors

Wild Earth

They are a combination of blue and chocolate, which results in a light purple or lavender color. They have light eyes and noses that match their coat. This color is very rare and expensive, as it requires both parents to carry blue and chocolate genes.



Merle is a pattern of different colored spots on a solid base. It is caused by a dominant gene, which means only one parent must carry it for a pup to inherit it.

Isabella French Bulldogs

Isabella is a very rare color similar to lilac but with a more pinkish hue. They have pink eyes and noses that match their coat. This color is caused by a mutation of the chocolate gene, which makes it even more rare than lilac.

Why Are They So Rare?

These colors are rare as they are not accepted by the AKC or other official breed clubs. This means breeders producing these colors must follow breed standards and may breed for profit rather than quality.

These colors can also be associated with health issues or genetic defects that affect the dog’s health.

Should You Get Rare French Bulldog Colors?

Keep in mind that color is not the most important thing when choosing a French Bulldog.

You should research and find a reputable breeder who cares about their dog’s health and temperament.

You should also be prepared to pay more for these colors, as they are in short supply.

French Bulldogs of any color can make great companions and family members if raised with love and care.

So whether you prefer standard or rare French Bulldog colors, make sure to find a dog that suits your lifestyle and needs. Don’t forget to enjoy their unique beauty and charm!