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Different Lagotto Romagnolo Colors and Breed Information

Different Lagotto Romagnolo Colors and Breed Information

Dogs are amazing, aren’t they? So many breeds, so much charm. But one breed stands out: The Lagotto Romagnolo colors are like a rainbow of fur, showing the breed’s history, personality, and adaptability.

This curly-haired cutie has won many hearts around the world. What makes it so unique? Well, for starters, it comes in all kinds of colors. 

And no, it’s not a pasta dish. 

It’s a dog that loves water and comes from Italy. “Lagotto Romagnolo” means “lake dog from Romagna,” a region in Italy. This breed has a long history of working as a water retriever and a truffle hunter. It’s also very friendly, loyal, and intelligent. 

What more could you ask for in a dog?

Let’s check out more about this unique dog breed.

About Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo, known as “Carino,”  belongs to the Italian breed club that originated in the marshlands of the eastern suburb of Italy Romagna. In previous years, this breed was commonly used for water retrieval during hunting: when a game is in water due to its activeness and a strong desire to swim.

Lagotti has waterproof coats that make them one of the best use cases for being a water dog, but now, in the present world, they are used for hunting truffles, a fungus delicacy. 

Although the breed looks like your average teddy bear, they are known to be durable and excellent at their jobs. With a past of being one of the earliest to be categorized as a retriever dog and being around since the sixteenth century, they perform excellently in their past and present dogs till their official recognition in the nineteenth century.

During hunting in the previous decades, Lagotti (plural) are used for hunting waterfowls- geese and swans- when the eastern marshland has yet to dry up. For their excellent scenting skills, the lagotto romagnolo breed is famous for its unique skillset as truffle hunters and its dense, curly coat that comes in various colors.

Fascinating, isn’t it?


The Lagotto Romagnolo is a friendly and curly-coated dog breed. It is small to medium, with a square and sturdy body. They have a wide and round nose and eyes, which can vary in color.

Its coat is thick, wool-like, and curly; the color of the coat is either white, brown, orange, or a combination. They do not shed much, but it needs regular grooming. The Lagotto is not aggressive or hunting-oriented but rather laid-back and adorable.

Personality Traits

They are energetic, as previously mentioned, even if their size doesn’t match that, and also intelligent and fun-loving. They usually enjoy the company of their family and stick very close to them based on being affectionate and lively. 

It develops a strong attachment with human and is constantly up for joint experiences. As long as it has been stimulated appropriately, the Lagotto is often calm at home. Lagottos can quickly adapt to the routines of any human family, including those with young children and adults. They make perfect family pets. Despite not being lapdogs, these cheerful dogs with curly hair quickly became excellent family companions because of their charisma and cute appearance.

Lagotto possesses a double layer hypoallergenic coats, on its body with a short undercoat hidden behind the curly-ringlets of fur on the outside which helps to keep them heatproof them in the cold weather and also keep them cool and warm when the sun is at its best.

They still preserve their characteristics of hunting waterfowl even though they have been converted to truffle hunting in the underground owing to their excellent sense of smell. Some dog lovers also attribute the breed to being affectionate and easy to control or train for other purposes. 

Even being a watchdog, this carino needs to be more alert to keep watch. It is also observed that apart from a keen sense of smell, the Lagotto breed also has a keen sense of hearing, making them good watchdogs. It doesn’t typically yap, but it is alert and alerts the listener to strange surroundings. 

Their keen sense of smell reveals they can do more than hunt for truffles, as they can participate in dog sports that primarily involve tracking, search, and rescue operations for people trapped under the rubbles owing to a natural disaster. Interestingly, the Lagotto is a unique dog breed trained for truffle.

Caring for the Lagotto Romagnolo

Training & Exercise

You are in charge of ensuring that your lagotto romagnolo puppy exercises correctly for its health and well-being. Being proactive about your health will help you avoid illness and suffering.

Here are the ways you can keep your dog happy and healthy;

  • You are responsible for providing adequate exercise
  • Proper training will make your dog calmer, prevent illness, and improve well-being.
  • Plan activities that are suitable for your dog’s age and size, and join in the fun.
  • Swimming is an excellent exercise for lagotti; they are natural water dogs and love water.
  • Mental activities are also crucial for lagotti; intelligent dogs enjoy challenges.
  • Mental exercises can strengthen your bond with your dog, boost confidence, and reduce boredom.

Basic Hygiene

Such as brushing its set of good teeth twice a week helps prevent dental disease in young puppies. The ears are the next set of things to pay attention to by cleaning them weekly. It is also important to note that you should feed her regularly rather than people’s food because of their anatomy and allergies. 


Even though Lagotti hardly ever sheds, these outdoor enthusiasts eventually carry mud inside the house. They should have their fur sheared two to three times a year rather than brushed.

If you decide afterward to groom your dog yourself, find a dog groomer or seek advice from professionals. Many Lagotto owners shear their dogs in the spring and late in the fall to prevent heavy snow from sticking to lengthy fur throughout the winter.

Please don’t overdo it to avoid damage to its curly coat.

Health Problems

The Lagotto is generally known for its outstanding health and longevity. It is not uncommon for them to live up to 17 years; most times, this breed’s life expectancy is around 15 years.

However, they may have some health issues, such as:

  • Hip Dysplasia: This affects their hip joints, which may grow abnormally. It can be mild or severe and sometimes needs surgery.
  • Lagotto Storage Disease (LSD): This is unique to this breed. It causes neurological problems, such as behavior changes, coordination issues, and facial and eye tics. It is important to test them for this disease early on.
  • Dental disease: This affects most dogs by age two or later. It starts with the teeth, then the gums, and then the roots. It can lead to organ damage and shorten their life by three years.
  • Epilepsy: This causes seizures in some puppies, which they may outgrow. Another type of epilepsy starts between six months and three years of age. It can be controlled with medication.
  • Cataracts: This causes blindness in older Lagotti, usually between ages 12-15. The lens of the eyes becomes cloudy. Some dogs cope well with losing their vision, but surgery is also an option.
  • Obesity: This can harm a Lagotto’s health, especially their joints. It can also cause digestive, metabolic, back, and heart problems.

Nutrition & Diet for Lagotto Romagnolo Dogs

Raw dog food is the ideal food for Lagotto Romagnolo dogs. A natural, whole-food diet will not only keep your dog healthy and content, but it will also avoid a number of common illnesses like obesity, joint, dental, and digestive problems, as well as symptoms of allergies like severe scratching and skin irritation.


The Lagotto Romagnolo should be fed the same high-quality, portion-controlled diet as all other dogs. Food for your Lagotto should be primarily composed of meat. The recommended eating schedule for this breed is two meals per day.

Dog obesity is one of the most prevalent health issues affecting companion dogs globally and can result in a wide range of other (sometimes dangerous) medical diseases. A top priority should be making sure you only feed your Lagotto as necessary.

Digestive System

A dog’s anatomy and digestive system are vital when choosing the finest diet for a Lagotto Romagnolo. Dogs’ digestive systems are best adapted to fresh, high-protein diets mainly composed of meat, bones, and offal because they have not evolved much since they were undomesticated wolves. We refer to this as “species-appropriate nutrition,” and it is what a natural, raw diet aims to imitate.

Like every other dog breed, a Lagotto functions at its maxim by eating a balanced diet and appropriate feed to sustain its energy and make it as active as usual. A balanced diet for this breed includes a high combo of protein, minerals, healthy fat, minerals, and fiber. 

Different Lagotto Romagnolo Colors

These canines are recognizable by their gorgeous hues and curly coats. They don’t shed, which is an intriguing aspect of their coat, making them acceptable for allergy sufferer. Many people find this strange because dogs with curly and dense hair are typically shed.

Since they are hunting dogs, they need a simple coat to care for and facilitate the search for truffles. But in addition to their curls, these dogs are much more attractive because of their coat color.

According to the American Kennel Club, six Lagotto Romagnolo colors fit the breed standard, and those colors are: white, white with brown, white with orange, orange, brown and brown roan.

White Lagotto


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Despite being referred to as white, this hue is more off-white than pure white. It’s possible to mistake these snow whites for other canines. People frequently confuse the two because the Poodle is white, one of its significant colors.

However, the Lagotto Romagnolo has an off-white coat, whereas the Poodle has a pure white coat. They can resemble lambs if their coat is left a little longer, which makes sense given that they are white and have curly-wool skin.

People might tell if their dogs were helpful by looking to see if their coats were soiled while working.

Brown Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo Colors

Although most Brown Lagotto fades with age, some are born with a dark brown color. Fur will rarely continue to be dark. Lagotto’s fading brown color occasionally shifts back and forth throughout their lifetimes. 

The more recent Lagottos has solid brown markings, which quickly gained popularity. When a brown puppy is born, it will be dark brown. A year will pass, and the dark brown will lighten. After some time, there is a very high likelihood that a white mark may appear or not, depending on its final hue.

In addition to the white spot, their entire body will eventually develop white hair. It will begin on the topline first, then smoothly integrate throughout the body. Brown dogs will appear lighter or perhaps grey as a result.

They resemble actual teddy bears when their brown color and brown nose are combined. It is the easiest to maintain because dirt blends in with this hue.

Orange Lagatto Romagnolo

Orange Lagotto Romagnolos are frequently referred to as a cream, particularly if the pigmentation ages with time and the original color start to disappear or fade. 

The same as when they are eight to twenty weeks old is likewise acceptable. It might be challenging to predict a puppy’s color at birth, whether it will be white or orange. Lagotto Romagnolo puppies may be quite orange at birth, but the color may be mellow and become lighter as they age.

Does Color Affect Personality and Health?

There are several speculations as regards Lagotto color affecting their personality; for example, the off-white breed is thought to enjoy the mud more than the darker ones, a claim that hasn’t been confirmed.

However, no empirical evidence supports the latter claim or any random thought that color affects a dog’s personality and health.

Which Lagotto Romagnolo Colors is Right for You?

When it comes to the Lagotto Romagnolo, their coat color doesn’t really have anything to do with their health or how they act. Yet, folks might fancy certain colors more, maybe because they look nice or are not so common.

If you are looking to choose the perfect from the Lagotto Romagnolo colors for your pup, think about your day-to-day life, the surroundings, and what you personally like by spending some time with the breeder and the dogs themselves to see what they are like.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the most common color of Lagotto Romagnolo?  Off-white, but they come in a variety of other colors as well, including brown and roan.
  2. Can the color of a Lagotto Romagnolo change over time? Yes, as Lagotto Romagnolo dogs age, their coat color can undergo changes due to factors such as sunlight exposure and diet.
  3. Does the color of a Lagotto Romagnolo affect its personality? No, the color of a Lagotto Romagnolo doesn’t influence its personality. These dogs are generally known for their friendly and energetic nature, regardless of their coat color.
  4. Are there any health issues related to the color of Lagotto Romagnolo dogs? There are no known health issues that are related to the color of the coat in Lagotto Romagnolo dogs.
  5. How should I care for my Lagotto Romagnolo’s coat? Regardless of the color, regular grooming, including brushing and bathing, is important to keep a Lagotto Romagnolo’s coat in top condition.