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Female Dog Diapers DIY: Best Homemade Guide for Doggy

Female Dog Diapers DIY: Best Homemade Guide for Doggy

A Female Dog Diapers DIY can be useful for various situations, such as heat cycles, incontinence, or marking behaviour.

Female dogs face problems like urinary incontinence during their time of heat and the need to manage messes effectively.

But buying dog diapers repeatedly can be expensive. You may need help finding the right size or style for your dog.

Furthermore, you may throw away many diapers that are not good for our environment.

I mitigate these challenges by making a customised dog diapers for my pup’s needs.

This has saved me a few dollars over time and allows owners’ creative aesthetics to design an appropriate fit, possibly leading to more frequent usage.

Using different methods and materials, I will show you how to make female dog diapers diy. You don’t need to be an expert seamstress or have a lot of tools.

All you need are basic items you may already have at home or can easily find at a local store.

Methods of Making a Custom-made Dog Diapers

DIY Female Dog Diapers

Washable Wonders

Modified Baby Diaper

First thing as pet owners, using baby diapers is one of the easiest ways to make doggy diapers. 

Good news! It is always available and cheap. 

It is a good option for small dogs and as well as larger dogs because they are easily adjusted and secure for your pups.


  • A baby diaper (preferably one that fits your dog’s waist)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A marker

First of all, nothing here is doctrine!


We need to compare our dog’s waist with the size on the diaper package. I would choose the diaper size closer to my dog’s waist measurement.

We will now lay the diaper flat on a table and use a marker to mark our dog’s tail.

Next, we would make a hole through the diaper by marking the tail with scissors, and I always ensured the hole was big enough for my dog’s tail to fit comfortably.

Put the diaper on your dog by sliding her tail through the tail hole and wrapping the diaper around her waist. 

We are getting there!

So I’m going to check the fit and adjust as needed. You need to keep in mind that the diaper should be snug but not too tight or too loose.

Sanitary Pad Diaper

A sanitary pad and a pair of children’s underpants can also be used to produce a female dog diaper.

So I’ll show you how to build a female dog diaper out of a sanitary pad and children’s underwear.

Move along!


  • Sanitary pad (ideally a thin, odorless one)
  • Pair of children’s underpants (ideally one that fits around the dog’s waist)
  • Pair of scissors


Before fitting your pup with a new set of diapers, measure their waist first.

Compare those sizes with ones found on a sizing chart printed on the packaging material as guidance for proper fitting.

Once selected, lay down flat or hold up before you to cut out a small part where their tail will go through.

Slide in a sanitary pad that matches up–laying under each limb– keeping any potential bathroom accidents contained while boosting protection for them at once!

While fitting onto the dog’s front and back legs and sliding through the hole, size it until it’s secured.

Pee Pad Diaper

Another female dog diapers diy method is to use a pee pad or other cloth. They are absorbent, disposable, and easy to cut into any shape or size. I often use old clothing, towels, or other fabric at home.


To make a female dog diaper from a pee pad or cloth, you will need

  • A pee pad or cloth
  • A measuring tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • Velcro tape

What to do next:

Add 6 inches to the waist measurement of your dog. The breadth of the diaper’s top and bottom will be determined by this.

Shape the pee pad or piece of cloth into an hourglass. The width at the top and bottom should be equal to your dog’s circumference + 6 inches. The centre should have a narrower width than the top and bottom.

The diaper’s center should have a hole cut out for your dog’s tail. Make sure your dog’s tail can fit comfortably in the hole.

By slipping your dog’s tail through the opening and looping the diaper around her waist, you may put the diaper on your pet. On both sides, fasten the diaper with Velcro or packaging tape.

Sock Diaper

Female Dog Diapers DIY

Here is another great option recommended for a DIY dog diaper. Socks are elastic, reusable, and widely available. You can use any sock that fits your dog’s waist.

This is a bang!


A sock (ideally one that fits around your dog’s waist)
A pair of scissors


Providing proper hygiene care for your female puppy involves putting on a sanitary pad using an old tube-like sock.

Taking scissors, carefully snip off one end part and create an even-sized hole at the other edge where her tails are located;

Let this opening be big enough so she can fish them out quickly while gently pushing back slightly when the sock is already on around the dog waist.

Then drag it up the legs and wrap it around in such a way that the opening keeps her vulva area fully covered, avoiding leakage or staining from menstrual flow efficiently; all fitting aspects should be comfortable and not too tight or loose; do this by adjusting as needed.

T-shirt Diaper

Another best way to make a female homemade dog diaper is to use a t-shirt.

You may be wondering,

Why T-Shirt?

Do you mean my t-shirt?

Yes, Hooman! Lol…

T-shirts are soft, breathable, and easy to modify. You can use your T-shirt, I mean that baggy one! Either that fits your dog’s waist.


  • A t-shirt (preferably one that fits your dog’s waist)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A needle and thread or a sewing machine


Use scissors to remove the neck and sleeves off the t-shirt as you lay it flat on a table. You need a square of cloth that is rectangular in shape and has two open ends.

Sewing with a needle and thread or a sewing machine along the edge after folding the fabric in half lengthwise. You need a T-shirt that resembles a tube and has two open ends.

Where the tail of your dog will go, cut a hole on one end of the t-shirt. Ensure that your dog’s tail can fit comfortably in the hole.

Slide your dog’s tail through the opening and slide the t-shirt up her legs to put it on. The t-shirt’s open end should cover her vulva.

Adjust as necessary after checking the fit.

Making a Female Dog Diapers DIY Stay On

One of the challenges of using female dog diapers is making them stay on. You know most dogs are naughty! They can try to wiggle out of them, turn them into a chewing contest and as well pull them off with their paws.

But how can we prevent this?

Let’s see!

By using diapers that fit your dog well. Fitness is necessary!

Make sure we use the ones elastic bands or adhesive tabs to secure them around your dog’s waist.

Soft and breathable diapers are highly recommended, as this can prevent chafing, rashes, and infections.

 Using attractive or fun diapers for your dog, such as ones with different colours, patterns, or designs.

We can use disposable diapers and as well as washable diapers.

Lastly is changing the diapers frequently, especially when wet or soiled, as this can prevent odour, leakage, or discomfort for our dogs.


They can protect your dog from unwanted pregnancies, infections, or male attention.

But buying commercial dog diapers can be costly and wasteful. That’s why making your female dog diapers at home can be a great alternative.

You can use different methods and materials to make female dog diapers at home, such as baby diapers, sanitary pads, pee pads, socks, or t-shirts.

You just need some basic items you may already have at home or can easily find at a local store.