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Dog Breed That Looks Like Rottweiler – Check Top 5 (Pictures)

Dog Breed That Looks Like Rottweiler – Check Top 5 (Pictures)

Rottweilers are strong, loyal dogs with a unique black and brown coat. They are frequently employed as security dogs, police dogs, and service dogs. But what if you adore the appearance of a Rottweiler but prefer a different breed? Here are the top dog breed that looks like Rottweiler but have distinct characteristics and behaviors.

Top 5 Dog Breed That Looks Like Rottweiler

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are similar to Rottweilers in size, shape, and color. They have a sleek and muscular body, a black and tan coat, and a cropped tail. Also, intelligent, alert, and loyal dogs that make excellent watchdogs and companions.

Doberman Pinschers are more energetic and agile than Rottweilers. They need more exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. They are also more sensitive and responsive to their owners’ emotions and commands.


Boxers are another breed that looks similar to Rottweilers. Their physique is robust and compact, with a short and sleek coat and a black mask on their face.

They are also energetic, friendly, and loyal dogs who enjoy being around humans. On the other hand, Boxers are more extroverted and friendly and have more clownish and goofy personalities than Rottweilers.

You will not get bored with them around you.

German Shepherd

The popular dog breed known as the German Shepherd has longer fur and longer ears than Rottweilers but otherwise shares their body shape.

Although Rottweilers are more adaptable than shepherds, both breeds are loyal and intelligent. They may work in the military, search and rescue, or rehabilitation, among other fields.

Additionally, they are more eager to please and simpler to train.

Black Mouth Cur

Unpopular breed called as Black Mouth Curs resembles a little Rottweiler. They are medium-sized animals with a short, rough coat, and a black muzzle. They are also devoted, dependable, and diligent dogs that were bred originally for hunting and herding. Black Mouth Curs, however, are more independent and unyielding than Rottweilers.

They require a capable leader who can create rules and limits.

Black Mouth Curs are more adventurous and active than Rottweilers. They enjoy seeking out new locations and pursuing prey.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog resembles the Rottweiler in certain ways. Their body is strong and muscular, and their coat is long and thick with a black, brown, and white color pattern.

They are wonderful family pets since they are kind, collected, and loyal.

The Bernese Mountain Dogs are more relaxed and easygoing and don’t require much activity.

They are more gregarious and amiable than Rottweilers. With everyone they meet, they get along great.

These are our 5 pick-on dog breeds that resemble Rottweiler. But they have different characteristics and personalities. Consider one of these alternatives if you adore the Rottweiler’s appearance but prefer a different breed.