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Best Paddleboard for Dogs – Top 5 SUP in 2023

Best Paddleboard for Dogs – Top 5 SUP in 2023

Okay, paddleboarders!  Have you been wondering about the best paddleboard for dogs? There’s nothing like sharing the open water with our furry best friend. And honestly, who can say no to those pleading puppy dog eyes when you’re about to head out for a SUP adventure?

Here’s the deal…

Most paddleboards will work fine for your doggo as long as they can comfortably fit on them. But I bet many people have a furball like mine—one that just can’t sit still, loves defying basic commands, and has a knack for sending both of you splashing into the water. 

Trust me, you’re going to need a paddleboard that’s extra stable, super dog-friendly, and will keep your SUP more fun.

So, I’ve put together a list of the Best Paddleboards for Dogs in 2023. These boards aren’t just ordinary; they’re stable, comfy for you and your pet, everlasting, and perform like a dream on the water. No one likes a lemon, especially regarding paddleboards, so you’re in safe hands with this list.

But wait, there’s more! I will also throw in some handy tips on choosing the best inflatable paddle boards for your dog.

We’re about to dive into the Best Dog-Friendly Paddleboards of 2023.

Okay, roll with me.

How to Choose the Best Paddleboard for Your Dogs

Don’t worry if this is your first time paddleboarding with your dog. Let’s look at the process of choosing the best paddleboards for your dog.

Size & Weight

When it comes to paddleboards, we need look at the size before getting one, especially when our dog is joining.

You need to ensure the board room is enough for you and your furry friend to fit comfortably.

Did you have a big dog breed like Doberman? You’ll need a board that can handle the your dog’s weight without losing stability.


Let’s dive a bit more into stability because it’s crucial. The wider, the more stable board it’s likely to be.
Trust me; you want to avoid falling over each time your dog decides to change positions. Look for a wide paddle board and firm. It’ll help keep you both upright and dry!


Dogs aren’t gentle with their toys and won’t be with your paddleboard either. So, you need a board that can take some abuse.

Look for one made from robust materials, like military-grade PVC, which can resist scratches and bites. I can vouch for the toughness of these boards; they’re practically dog-proof!

Deck Pad

A decent-sized deck pad can make all the difference for your dog. It provides a better grip and gives your pet a comfy place to chill out. Some boards come with full-length deck pad, which I highly recommend if you have a large dog.

Consider how easy the board is to use if you’re going for an inflatable board. Is blowing it up pretty fast? And Is it easy to carry?

It might seem minor, but it can also impact your paddleboarding experience.

Once you’ve got the perfect board, you’re all set for some amazing paddle board adventures together!

Why Would You Take Your Dog Paddleboarding?

People usually ask, “Why would you take your dog paddleboarding?” and my response is usually like “Well, why wouldn’t I?”

Do you know that paddleboarding with your dog brings more benefits for both of you?

These are some important factors as to why it’s a good idea for pet owners;

Strong Connection

Sharing a journey on the wide water with your dog has a special charm. There is nothing like the smile on my dog’s face as we glide along together. It improves our relationship and create trust.


Paddleboarding is a workout for me and our four-legged friends. It doesn’t just work our muscles, but it’s also great for balance and strength.

A tired dog is a happy dog, right?

Paw-some Fun

And, of course, it’s just so much fun!

Most dogs adore water, and the thrill of floating is something else. The splashes and waves are like a canine carnival out there! Trust me; you’d hear it non-stop on a paddleboard if dogs could giggle.

Cooling Down

There’s no better way to cool down during hot days than hitting the water. Our dogs can overheat much faster than us.

Don’t your pup is a good swimmer!

Paddleboarding can be a good chill-out time for them.

Top 5 Picks for the Best Paddleboard for Dogs

After researching and testing, I have narrowed my choices to these five paddle boards for dogs that I think are the best. 

Our Best Inflatable SUP for Dogs;

  • ISLE Glider Rigid Epoxy Stand-Up Paddle Board 
  • Sea Gods Skylla 
  • Gili 11’6 Air 
  • Bote HD Full Trax 11’6 
  • Gili Komodo 10’6

ISLE Glider Epoxy Stand-Up Paddle Board

Best Paddleboard for Dogs

The ISLE Glider Epoxy SUP Board is a good choice when it comes the best SUP and a fantastic hard paddleboards for dogs. It blends strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal in a package my medium-sized dog and I appreciate and enjoy.

The ISLE Glider is made from high-quality epoxy resin and fibreglass. This combination of materials gives it excellent strength and durability, which is essential when paddling with dog. It also means that the board can withstand many seasons of use.

Let’s look at the absolute beauty. The ISLE Glider board is generous – we’re talking 10’10” x 31″ x 4.25″ in size. Heck, You’ve got enough room for you and your dog. It can take on up to 250 lbs. So, don’t worry about it sinking if you’ve had too many burgers.

ISLE Glider is not just a surfboard; its design, smooth wood grain finish, and glossy coating give it a real touch of class. It’s like the Rolls Royce of paddle boards!

The full-length EVA foam deck pads give your four-legged friend the best seat on the water. These pads make it super comfy and grippy, so your dog can live their best surf life. 

For improved tracking and stability, it comes with a removable centre fin. This feature enhances the board’s performance in the water, especially when the dog moves around on the deck.

Another accessory included with this board is an adjustable paddle. It’s lightweight and easy to use, adding to our paddleboarding sessions’ overall comfort and enjoyment. A coiled leash can also be attached to the leash plug on the tail, ensuring the board is always within reach if falls into the deep water.

In conclusion, the ISLE Glider are hard boards with a combination of high-quality construction, features, and appealing design, which makes them one of the best boards on the market.


Bote HD Full Trax 11’6

The Bote HD Full Trax 11’6 is an all-around inflatable paddleboard that I’ve found to be particularly dog-friendly. Its ample dimensions of 11’6″ length and 34″ width offer good stability, which is essential when paddling with dogs.

The expansive surface area of this paddleboard on the water helps reduce any feeling of ‘tippiness‘, especially when your dog is moving around on the board.

A key component contributing to the board’s stability is its large 10″ hatchet-style centre fin, part of a three-fin system. This feature, combined with the board’s shape and dimensions, results in an incredibly stable SUP capable of accommodating even the most active dogs.

The board has a listed weight of 30 lbs. Although it is a bit heavier than other boards.

As for weight capacity, it can comfortably support up to 315 lbs. For optimal firmness and balance, it’s recommended to inflate the paddleboard to between 10-15 PSI.

Even better, it comes with a generous warranty offer. There’s a two-year warranty as standard, plus an additional warranty period, which adds an extra layer of reassurance to any purchases you make.


Best Inflatable Paddleboard for Dogs: Sea Gods Skylla

Best Inflatable Paddleboard for Dogs

The Sea Gods Skylla is a perfect blend of durability, size, and capacity. It excels in many areas, making it ideal for fun paddleboarding with my large dog.

One of the standout aspects of the Sea Gods Skylla is its construction. This paddleboard is made from PVC and coupled with drop-stitch technology. These components make it strong, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of regular use with larger dogs.

With board dimensions of 11′ x 33″ x 6″, it offers a large deck pad. It is comfortable and have enough space to move around without jeopardizing the board’s stability.

Despite its large size, the Sea Gods Skylla is surprisingly lightweight. It weighs only 19.5 lbs, making it easy to carry to and from the water, and it helps with manoeuvrability when paddling.

I would advice to inflate the Skylla to 14-18 PSI, with a maximum of 20 PSI. This series ensures good water performance.

Another thing I like about it is its three-piece carbon fiber paddle. It’s light yet strong and will enhance your paddling control and comfort.


Gili 11’6 Air: The Best Budget Paddleboard for Dogs

Best Budget Paddleboard for Dogs

The Gili 11’6 Air is an all-around best inflatable paddle board for dogs that stands out due to its compelling mix of functionality, durability, and affordability.

It is 11’6″ long32″ wide, and 6″ thick. It is a wide board and is spacious enough for everyone. Despite its large size, it weighs only 21 lbs. This aspect makes it easy to carry around and maneuver in a water sport.

When we look at its capacity, the Gili Air can comfortably accommodate up to 295 lbs. This means it can easily support you and your furry pal without issue.

It is recommended to inflate it to 15 PSI.

One of the distinctive features of the Gili Air is its 2+1 snaplock fin setup which helps to prevent any side-to-side movement.

It’s pretty cool right?

The paddle comes with an aluminium one, but there’s an option to upgrade to a fibreglass paddle for a small price increase if you prefer a lighter paddle.

The Gili 11’6 Air falls within the low to mid-price range. I consider it a fantastic value-for-money investment.


Gili Komodo 10’6

Rounding off my list is the Gili Komodo 10’6, another inflatable paddleboard that has a unique edge. Even though it’s slightly smaller compared to the other boards I’ve mentioned, it packs a punch for stability and durability – two essential qualities when paddleboarding with the dog.

This board measures 10’6 long and 33″ wide, and in my experience, it perfectly balances stability and manoeuvrability. Despite being marketed primarily as a yoga board by Gili, I’ve found that the Komodo is also an excellent choice for paddleboarding with dogs.

The board’s width is consistent throughout, so you will feel comfortable if your dog decides to move around a bit. This stability, combined with the board’s light weight of just 21 lbs, ensures quicker and more efficient turns compared to the larger board I’ve discussed earlier.

One feature of the Komodo that I believe contributes to its stability is the included 2+1 fin set-up. It features a sizeable hatchet-style center fin, which provides a little extra grip on the water, enhancing the overall stability and control over the board.

What’s more, its lightweight design makes the Gili Komodo very easy to carry to and from the water, and my dog can easily hop on and off without any issues. The diamond-grooved EVA traction pad on the deck provides a good grip for the dog, and the extra D-rings are great for securing any additional gear. The Gili Komodo 10’6 is a great paddleboard your dog will enjoy.



Paddleboarding with dogs is a fun and adventurous way to enjoy the water with your furry friend. But not all paddleboards are suitable for dogs. You need to consider some important factors before buying a board that can accommodate you and your four-legged companion.

We hope this has helped you find the best paddleboard for dogs.